Jesus said : "without Me you can do nothing", John 15:5

What was it that once made Britain truly Great? Economic success? A political empire? Technological innovation? Was it none of these, but something far more valuable?

British law, education and government were based on godly standards revealed in the Bible. Now the Coronation Oath which binds Parliament to those standards has become little more than an empty form of words.

We may regard this as inevitable in our pluralistic society, but God is issuing a warning; our moral collapse will be swiftly followed by economic collapse, and He will send a physical earthquake as a sign.

It is time for the alarm to be sounded all over Britain. God loves us too much to allow us to fall any further. As individuals and as a Nation, we must heed the alarm, turn to the Living God and put our trust in Him.

The Earthquake in the City Prophecy

'My children, the alarm bells are sounding all over Europe, for judgement is being spoken out over the nations. Over your nation, Great Britain, a mighty earthquake is about to occur, an earthquake that will swallow up the whole City. Whole companies and city institutions will collapse in this earthquake, some never to rise again.

My judgement that has been withheld for so long must now be unleashed on your nation in order that my church repent and lead this nation in repentance, for I am a righteous and holy God, just in all my ways, a God who longs to show mercy, but one who will no longer tolerate the unrighteousness of my dear church. It is out of love that I visit this nation with judgement - you must know that this must always be the case. My children, repent now before it is too late, for already the day of my return draws near and you must not be found wanting, like the virgins who did not fill their lamps with oil; but awake, my children, and be my watchmen, and speak with a prophetic voice of the judgement that is about to come upon the nations.

If you repent and turn from your wicked ways, I will visit your nation, Great Britain, once again, not with judgement, but with revival power, and I will protect you from all the strategy of the enemy.

In regard to Europe, come out of her, my dear children, for she will align herself with the Beast and the False Prophet who will arise and appear for just a short while. My children, take heart, for I am with you always. Do not give up, but pray without ceasing and see the salvation of your God.'

Prophecy given to Paul Slennett in 1989 on which the book, Earthquake in the City, is based (see resources).