Jesus said : "without Me you can do nothing", John 15:5

About Us

Jesus is Alive! Ministries (JIA) is a Christian charity whose primary objective is the advancement of the Christian faith throughout the world by the proclamation of the truth that Jesus is alive!

In February 1988 Paul Slennett, a Christian bookseller, paid for a postmark to be put on all the mail being sent in the UK over a period of six weeks, declaring that Jesus is Alive! The post mark is shown below:


On Christmas day 1988 Paul was attending a service at Thundersley Congregational Church in Essex, England. During the service the Lord spoke to him and said that a ministry was to be raised as a consequence of sending out the postmark, and that this ministry would be known as Jesus is Alive! Ministries.

Jesus is Alive! Ministries became a registered charity (no.1036183) on 28th March 1994.

The ministry has three distinct roles, which are:

JIA Ministries will be organising evangelistic campaigns in the UK and throughout the world, including the promotion of the gospel message to prisoners and Jewish people.

JIA Ministries is committed to making known the coming judgements on Great Britain. The first woe is explained in the book 'Earthquake in the City' by Clifford Denton and Paul Slennett, founder of the charity. See also

Compassion Ministries
JIA is committed to the relief of the poor and sick persons of the world and to Christian education for those who cannot afford it.

JIA Ministries is called to declare the works of God and to hold out the word of life. It will try to arouse those who are asleep to an awakening call. The whole British nation needs to be prepared for the last days which are now upon us! As Jesus Himself said, we need to repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.