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Earthquake in the City

by Clifford Denton and Paul Slennett

Price £7.99

What was it that once made Britain truly Great? Economic success? A political empire? Technological innovation? The authors contend that it was none of these, but something far more valuable.

British law, education and government were based on godly standards revealed in the Bible. Now the Coronation Oath which binds Parliament to those standards has become little more than an empty form of words.

We may regard this as inevitable in our pluralistic society, but God is issuing a warning; our moral collapse will be swiftly followed by economic collapse, and He will send a physical earthquake as a sign.

It is time for the alarm to be sounded all over Britain. God loves us too much to allow us to fall any further. As individuals and as a Nation, we must heed the alarm, turn to the Living God and put our trust in Him.

Earthquake final cover

The Trumpet Sounds for Britain

(3 volumes in one edition) by David E. Gardner

Price £9.99

The first edition of The Trumpet Sounds for Britain was published as a trilogy in the 1980s. The central message, calling the people of Britain to remember their Christian heritage and turn to the Lord in repentance, is even more important today.

David Gardner spent many years of his life and ministry "sounding the trumpet". He died in the Spring of 2002. Now the baton passes to others at this crucial hour in the nation's history. The republishing of the book in one volume will make it available as a foundational resource to all who should put the trumpet to their lips.


God's Ultimatum

by David E. Gardner

Price £7.99

God's Ultimatum to The Individual, to The Nation, to The Church and its Leaders, and to the Whole World.

As world history rushes on towards the climax of the ages there is a startling challenge being issued by God from the Bible about the crucial issues which are confronting the nation and the world today.

Britain's early Christian history and what God is saying and doing because we have departed from it.
Britain continues to legislate downwards and therefore is in dire peril.
The urgent need for national and individual repentance.
The climax of the ages. How near are we to it?
The return of the Lord Jesus and His glorious messianic new age.


"Jesus Is Alive!" Ball Point Pen (Black Ink)

Price £3.99

High quality ball point pen, with a Sign of the Fish, the Cross and incorporating the words "Jesus Is Alive!". Comes with black velveteen pouch.